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RF and Communications

The NI solution for teaching RF and communications integrates NI hardware, NI LabVIEW system design software, and courseware to teach a wide variety of RF communication subjects, including digital communication, RF measurements, fiber optics, and communication systems. Using these solutions, educators add to students’ understanding of theory through a hands-on learning experience from introductory courses to academic research.

Teaching Telecommunications

NI ELVIS and Emona Add-Ons

Complete with courseware, this solution helps students learn introductory telecommunications concepts through hands-on experimentation.

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Teaching Wireless Communications

NI USRP Teaching Bundle

Teach modulation concepts such as AM, FM, PSK, and QAM using LabVIEW and USRP™ (Universal Software Radio Peripheral), complete with courseware.

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Wireless Communications Research

NI USRP RIO Software Defined Radio

Simplify host and FPGA prototyping of wireless communication systems for research with an integrated hardware and software solution.

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Teach Telecommunications - -
Teach RF and Communications - -
Prototype High-Performance RF Wireless Systems - -
Connection to Host PC USB Ethernet PCle x4
Ready-to-Use Courseware -
Affordable Research Solution for Wireless Communications -
Supports MIMO Applications -
Educational Partner Add-Ons - -
Optimized RF Performance - -
Customizable Xilinx Kintex 7 FPGA - -
Programmable With LabVIEW -
Programmable With .m Script -
Teaching Concepts
Telecommunications and Fiber Optic Communications - -
Wireless and Digital Communications - -
Modulation and Detection - -
OFDM and Frequency Domain Equalization - -
Channel Estimation and Equalization - -
Advanced Research and Next Generation Wireless Systems - -

Featured Courseware

Digital Wireless Communication: Physical Layer Exploration Lab

As part of the USRP Wireless Communications Teaching Bundle, this lab material covers a complete set of hands-on experiments focusing on software defined radio and wireless communications concepts.

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