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Helping Students to Understand and Design Complex Systems


Don’t miss the new mechatronics webinar on May 11th. The complementary session explore the latest innovative technologies and comprehensive teaching solutions that can be incorporated into practical, hands-on learning experiences in your curriculum, and equip your students with the skills to succeed.

Learn how hands-on experience with the entire control design process readies students for engineering careers while reinforcing theoretical concepts using an integrated controls education platform.

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Helping Students to Understand and Design Complex Systems

Mechatronics systems are everywhere. Students building these complex systems must understand the problems that they are solving and the components used to solve them. This webinar dives into what the mechatronics design process is and how to best use it to accelerate discovery and provide richer, more engaging experiences.

Date : Thursday 11.05.2017

Time : 11:00 AM CEST | 10:00 AM BST | 2:30 PM IST

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