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ELP Projects

Each year, as part of the Engineering Leadership Programme (ELP), our engineers work on group projects to help develop their team work and technical skills, with the end result being a product demo to be used for trade shows or seminars.

NI UK Wii Remote Automated Test System (ATE)

Team Test's Wii Remote Automated Test System (ATE) uses NI LabVIEW and TestStand to create a system to test Nintendo Wii remote controllers. They implemented an intuitive Wii-like interface to fully automate the verification of the remote controllers' Bluetooth, accelerometer, rumble, speakers, infrared camera and current draw.


Wireless Sensor and Web Services Project

Using CompactRIO, Wireless Sensor Network modules and gateways, and NI LabVIEW, Team Industrial created a remote building monitoring system that could be accessed using the web in order to map the temperatures of the NI UK offices. They also incorporated a wireless weather station and controllable temperature chamber.

NI Robotik Rock Band

By combining a LabVIEW application with the NI PXI Modular Instrument hardware, find out how the Applications Engineers created an autonomous control system, that plays the game for you.

LabVIEW Automated Marble Maze

Find out how NI UK AE's created an automated marble maze, building a tilting platform controlled by NI CompactRIO via servomotors and using a vision system to detect and solve the maze.

NI Wii Tank Project

Watch the remotely-operated vehicle powered by LabVIEW and cRIO, driven and automatically recalled with a Wii remote.  


NI UK RF Controlled Tank - LabVIEW

An automated RF tank that is controlled using NI PXI RF, controlled using LabVIEW. The tank combines multiple NI platforms along with third party hardware all controlled with LabVIEW.