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ELP Projects 2012

Each year, as part of the Engineering Leadership Programme (ELP), our engineers work on group projects to help develop their team work and technical skills, with the end result being a product demo to be used for trade shows or seminars.

PID-Controlled Quadcopter using NI LabVIEW and Single-Board RIO

Applications Engineers at NI (UK) carried out a team project to build a flying PID-Controlled Quadcopter using NI LabVIEW and Single-Board RIO.


NI-USRP: Digital Communications System

Explore the power and potential of the NI-USRP and LabVIEW platform in an educational environment. Get hands-on with key stages of RF communications through the 'Lab in a Loop' method -- a modular and scalable approach to communications theory.


Hardware-in-the-Loop using NI VeriStand

The project was conducted by Applications Engineers in the NI UK Branch. The goal was to create a Hardware-in-the-loop test system for a F14 Altitude Controller. The Altitude Controller was interfaced with a PXI chassis running NI Real-Time OS which simultated the longditudinal dynamics of the aircraft in NI VeriStand whilst also relaying sensor data to the Altitude Controller. This allowed for the testing of the Altitude Controller thus ensuring the aircraft reached and maintained Altitude commands.


NI Automated Test Equipment for Semiconductor Industry Project

The project is being conducted as part of a series of projects undertaken by the Application Engineers at NI. The overall aim of this is to act as a development program for the Application Engineers and produce a demo. With this project, we will be working to demonstrate the flexibility and capabilities of NI Modular Instrumentation in the Semiconductor Test industry.