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ELP Projects 2013

Each year, as part of the Engineering Leadership Programme (ELP), our engineers work on group projects to help develop their team work and technical skills, with the end result being a product demo to be used for trade shows or seminars.

3D Printer

For the 2013 Applications Engineering projects, a group of engineers were tasked with designing the control system for a 3D Printer. The control system uses CompactRIO for motion and temperature control, as well as a consumer level 3D Printer.


Romeo and Juliet

A group of five Application Engineers at NI (UK) designed a built two autonomous vehicles that would emulate a 3rd student's final year project. They are called Romeo and Juliet, using a mixture of IR and ultrasound sensors they avoid obstacles while finding each other in an area. The controller and software used is an NI sbRIO 9636 and NI LabVIEW.


Multimedia Embedded Device Test

A group of applications engineers at NI UK built an Automated Test System using NI PXI and TestStand. The system runs Video, Audio, Digital IO and Power load tests on 4 Raspberry Pi computers in parallel, with a total test time of around 40 seconds. The system was built in approximately 400 man hours, from brief to completion.


RF Transmitter and Receiver Test System

Using the Vector Signal Transceiver, we have created a compact setup that utilises an FPGA, synchronized with high frequency RF communications, to characterise an Analog Devices RF chip. LabVIEW allowed us to create a modular, scalable application that can be developed into high throughput automated test