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Wendy Le-Sage, CSR Team Lead, Belgium - BSc Management Assistant, Erasmushogeschool

“NI brings out the best of you by challenging you every day. I have been given the opportunity to improve myself and grew further to a Customer Services team lead. I enjoy working as one team in an international environment while colleagues are regionally distributed”

Management Assistant >Customer Services Teamleader

Thierry Coppens, Applications Engineering Specialist - Meng Electronics and Information Technology,

Free University of Brussels

“As a fresh college graduate I was searching for a challenging job and decided to join NI. I love the fact that working for NI allows me to keep expanding my technical knowledge outside of my comfort zone to get a broader understanding of common engineering challenges whilst also giving me the opportunity to further specialize myself in my personal domains of interest in FPGA and RF.

However, my favourite things about working for NI are the work-hard play-hard culture, the intelligent people you work with and the fact that working for NI converted me from a shy college graduate into an engineer that can comfortably present a wide variety of technical topics in front of big groups (50+) of technical people.”

ELP Graduate > Applications Engineer > Applications Engineering Specialist

Matthew Surridge, Applications Engineer Team Leader BEng (Hons) Electronic Engineering, University of Portsmouth

"The 14 month placement at NI  was a fantastic experience that gave me exposure to a wide range of industry applications and an insight into business operations. NI’s culture plays a huge part of any role and can make the working environment extremely rewarding, for this reason I made the decision to return to NI as a graduate. I have spent time in both AE and ISR and held a leadership position, the variety of work in these roles has really developed me and broadened  my horizons. NI is very much a work hard play hard company and you will get out what you put into any project."

Applications Engineer > Applications Engineer Team Leader


Corné Westeneng, Field Sales Engineer - Bachelor Embedded Systems Engineering, Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen

I have chosen National Instruments because they have offered me a promising career path. In the past 3,5 years I became a Field Sales Engineer after spending 1,5 year as a Applications Engineer. After 3,5 years I'm still happy to work for NI because of the freedom I have to execute my job, helpful colleagues and the guidance I receive from management to grow in myself as a Field Sales Engineer.

Applications Engineer > Field Sales Engineer

Sinead Brady, Field Sales Engineer, University of St. Andrews - BSc (Hons) Physics

"When looking for a graduate job, I wanted one where I would be able to apply the skills I learned throughout my degree in a dynamic, interesting work environment. When I came to NI on the Assessment Day, I knew I found what I was looking for. As an Applications Engineering Team Leader, I have the opportunity to work with scientists and engineers that are currently solving the world's engineering challenges and ensure that they have the tools to be successful. Every day is different and it is an environment where you are encouraged to develop both your technical and business skills to grow within the company." 

Applications Engineer > Applications Engineering Team Lead > Inside Sales Engineer > Field Sales Engineer

John McLaughlin, Academic Field Sales Engineer, Aston University - BEng (Hons) Electrical & Electronic Engineering

"As a part of my University degree I joined NI on a years placement and it really opened my eyes to the diverse nature of the engineering world. I've always had the desire to not only challenge myself technically but in many other areas and NI has allowed me to do so. Because of this I rejoined the company after graduating and haven't looked back since. The fact that there are so many young, enthusiastic, intelligent people here means that you don't go a day without learning something new. The work-hard play-hard culture coupled with clear company goals allows for many opportunities for career progression. I'm currently an Insides Sales Engineer Team Leader and I would highly recommend NI to someone looking to advance their technical, communication and leadership skills. It's a fantastic place to work and there's never a dull moment."

Applications Engineering Intern > NI Alliance Partner > Inside Sales Engineer > Inside Sales Engineer Team Lead > Academic Field Sales Engineer

Jack Bering, Area Sales Manager, NI Norway & Denmark, M.Sc.E.E. , Technical University of Denmark
"I can hardly imagine a better place to work. As an engineer you get to work with world class products, engage with the largest companies in the world, and be on the cutting edge of innovation"

Inside Sales Engineer > AE > District Sales Manager > Area Sales Manager Denmark
> Area Sales Manager Norway & Denmark