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National Instruments mission is to equip engineers and scientists with systems that accelerate productivity, innovation and discovery. To do this we ensure we hire top talent, whose skills and experiences, coupled with their innovative thinking match the culture and drive at NI. Our most sustainable and long-term competitive advantage is our employees, who directly influence the company culture and the company’s continued success.


40 Years of NI...


Within the Northern European Region...

Our culture and values are ingrained in the work we do and the environment we work in. They stem from constant respect for people, honesty and integrity, dedication to our customers as well as commitment to innovation and continuous improvement. We also listen to our employee’s ideas and suggestions- after all who knows their roles better and can suggest improvements than them.

We don’t offer stringent career paths or directive training. Instead the training opportunities and career paths are yours to develop and drive at National Instruments. We will give you initial training on your role and equip you with everything you need to get started, and then it is over to you. With a superior employee development, each employee can tailor a development plan for their own needs; We provide both technical and soft skills training to help you become the best you can be.


So why National Instruments?

We can offer you a diverse and challenging career where no two days are the same. Couple this with an innovative culture, competitive total benefits package and training and development that is tailored to you and you have a career where you can develop and grow, whilst having fun and being surrounded by intelligent, likeminded individuals.


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