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LabVIEW Developer Days 2011 Presentations








NI LabVIEW Developer Days offers a range of technical sessions from introductory through to advanced, designed to help you improve your product skills, knowledge and productivity using NI LabVIEW software. Learn from in-depth topic presentations, product demonstrations and hands-on sessions, and network with local colleagues and engineers.


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Introducing the LabVIEW Platform

Take a demo-centric tour through the LabVIEW platform and find out why graphical programming is used by tens of thousands of engineers across the globe. Discover how LabVIEW leverages the latest technological advances to help you increase productivity and lower costs for test, control and design applications. Also, hear about some of the 2010 UK Graphical System Design Award winning applications that demonstrate the potential of both LabVIEW and UK engineering.

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Hands-On: Building Your First LabVIEW Application

Increase your understanding of LabVIEW with this introductory hands-on session. Test-drive PC-based data acquisition systems and learn how to use graphical programming techniques to create modular and flexible applications. Using NI CompactDAQ USB data acquisition hardware, acquire temperature measurements in minutes.

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Basic Design Patterns in LabVIEW

Explore how core design patterns including Loops, State Machines and producer-consumer architectures can make your LabVIEW
application a success. Also, learn how and why to create basic event-driven architectures.

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Simplify Development Using Arrays and Clusters Effectively in LabVIEW

Learn how to efficiently handle data on your LabVIEW block diagram through arrays and clusters. See how they can help simplify repetitive computations and facilitate custom datatypes for superior data management. Explore real code examples in LabVIEW, where these tools have simplified development, and significantly improved application development and maintainability.

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Top Tips for Inheriting and Maintaining LabVIEW Code

Rarely do engineers write a LabVIEW application from scratch. Learn how to understand, re-design, and standardise inherited code from other engineers and scientists, to ensure the long-term maintainability of your application.

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LabVIEW 2011

Attend this session to learn about the new LabVIEW features and understand the National Instruments vision for the LabVIEW Platform. Also, hear about some of the 2010 UK Graphical System Design Award winning applications that demonstrate the potential of both LabVIEW and UK engineering.

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Best Practices for Inter-Process & Inter-Target Data Communication using LabVIEW

This session will provide an overview of some of the most effective techniques for sending and receiving data and commands within a LabVIEW application. See how to stop multiple loops, send messages to an undefined number of plug-ins, set up two-way communication, communicate in a distributed embedded system and address other common challenges.

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Building Advanved User Interfaces

This session will explain best practices for designing professional user interfaces in LabVIEW. Learn how to customise the front panel and create reusable UI components that comply with standard OS themes. See examples of highly interactive data displays, configuration dialogs and ways to show a large amount of data while ensuring the usability of the application.

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How and Why to Use LabVIEW Object-Orientated Programming

Understand the fundamentals of LabVIEW Object Orientated Programming (OOP) and discuss example code showing how and why design patterns map from traditional LabVIEW programming through to an OOP implementation. Also learn about typical industry applications for OOP such as the implementation of command patterns and hardware abstract layers.

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Web Services - A ground Up Demonstration

Networks are everywhere and software web services are the backbone of a networked application. Walk through the stages of creating a web service in LabVIEW hosted on a remote target by watching a live demonstration built from scratch. Then see how the LabVIEW Web UI Builder can be used to access data, perform decision making and display published data effectively.

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Software Development Best Practices and Source Code Management

Whether you’re an individual developer or working in a large team, the use of software development best practices can help ensure the quality and reliability of your LabVIEW application. Learn how to manage source code using the LabVIEW project and configuration management tools, enforce standards for development and debugging, and test code to help find bugs earlier.

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