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Engineering Education Webcast Series


Sensor measurement webcast

This webcast series explored the latest technologies that reinforce engineering and scientific concepts by enabling students to "do engineering" throughout the curriculum. Learn why more than 8000 classrooms are already engaging their students with teaching solutions based on industry-standard NI tools. Watch these webcasts to see how educators integrate teaching solutions based on NI industry-standard tools into their courses.

Discover the possibilities for incorporating real-world learning experiences in the classroom and laboratory.

DAQ Basics and Terminology

Keynote: Do Engineering & Redefining Student Design Introducing myRIO

In this webcast you'll get an overview of innovative technologies to deliver practical, hands-on experience in curriculum that prepare students for careers in industry and research. Learn how NI myRIO, a revolutionary embedded hardware device, allows students to “do engineering” and design real systems faster than ever.

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Keynote "Do Engineering"—Unleashing the Next Generation of System Designers
Redefining Student Design: Introducing NI myRIO



Measurements and Instrumentation

Allow students to experience electrical or physical phenomena with hands-on exercises using real-world data with these two webcasts:

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Teaching Students to Master DAQ With Scalable Measurement Solutions
Developing Hands-On Lab Exercises From Simple Measurements to Instrument Design





RF and Communications

Introduce software defined radios as a hands-on platform into your wireless and digital communications courses.

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Enhancing Wireless & Digital Communication Education via Hands-On Labs With Software Defined Radio
Moving From Classroom to Lab to Career With Software Defined Radio




Circuits and Electronics

Learn how to give students a seamless path from textbook to lab by integrating a SPICE simulation environment with hardware instrumentation.

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Enhancing Circuits Education From Homework Theory to Laboratory Investigation
Enhancing Student Learning in Online and On-Site Courses in Circuits and Electronics




Controls, Robotics and Mechatronics

See how hands-on experience with the entire control design process readies students for engineering careers and reinforces concepts using an integrated platform.

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Create Engaging Learning Experiences for Students in Controls Education
Bridging From Controls Courses to Final-Year Design