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Engineering Educator Workshop

National Instruments believes that the best way to encourage students to pursue careers in engineering and science is to provide engaging, hands-on learning experiences with real-world engineering tools. To inspire today’s students to become tomorrow’s innovators, NI has invested in a wide range of technologies that support the teaching of fundamental engineering concepts.

The educator workshop was a FREE half-day seminar to get hands-on with this remarkable technology. Check out some other academic resources!


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Event Date
8th April      University of Edinburgh 



Welcome Presentation: Do Engineering
Meet our dedicated academic engineering team, and learn about National Instruments vision for engineering education. Hear how our industrially relevant tools are being integrated into curriculums around the world to boost student satisfaction and employability.

Learn about The Academic Program


09:30 Hands-On: Teaching Solutions for Circuit Design
Get hands-on with NI ELVIS and NI Multisim to see how a fully integrated tool chain can be used to teach analogue, digital and power circuit fundamentals.


During the workshop, you will use Multisim, a best-in-class SPICE simulation environment, to quickly design a circuit. You will then physically prototype the circuit with the ELVIS platform, using its integrated suite of instruments to compare real world measurements to the simulation results.

Learn about NI Multisim.
Learn about NI ELVIS.




Hands on: Teaching Solutions for Measurements and Instrumentation
Sensors, measurements and instrumentation are the cornerstones of hands-on learning in engineering. This workshop allows you to get hands on with NI myDAQ, the low-cost data acquisition platform that enables students to measure and analyse live signals anywhere, anytime.


You will stream audio data from the NI myDAQ before performing custom waveform processing and analysis with LabVIEW. The exercises will introduce fundamental LabVIEW programming concepts, and showcase how intuitive measurement instrumentation can really be.

Learn about NI myDAQ.


Hands on: Teaching Solutions for Embedded and Control
Get hands-on with the revolutionary NI myRIO device. Featuring a powerful dual-core processor, customisable Xilinx FPGA, integrated WiFi and dozens flexible analogue and digital I/O channels, NI myRIO was designed specifically to help students design real, complex engineering systems more quickly and affordably than ever before.


Exercises show how to leverage graphical programming to create deterministic, stand alone systems.

Learn about NI myRIO.



Wrap Up

Developing a Renewable Energy Laboratory for Students using NI ELVIS

“The RELab and miniRELab systems offer students extremely useful tools to learn about renewable energy sources. We achieved a compact solution using the NI ELVIS platform, which we can use in other laboratories by switching the prototyping board to greatly decrease lab costs.”

Petru Adrian Cotfas, Transylvania University of Brasov


Engaging Students through a Practical Engineering Education with NI myDAQ

"The [Computing and Analytical Skills] module has 160 students, so we needed a solution that was cost-effective and easily deployable in standard computer clusters. When we discovered NI myDAQ through the NI academic team, this instantly ticked all of the boxes."

Martin Levesley, University of Leeds


Putting Control Theory into the Hands of Students with NI myRIO

"We are excited to have a single, accessible platform that we can use for every lab in the course with NI myRIO. It combines the out-of-the-box nature of NI myDAQ with the performance of industry-grade technology from NI”

Dr. Marcia O’Malley, Rice University