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Seminar: Research Platforms for Embedded Control and Design

Want to gain experience with the technologies that power the latest and greatest control, robotics and mechatronics applications?

Join us to learn how National Instruments provides a unified platform that will take you from simulation through to rapid prototyping
and deployment.

Our tools enable the seamless integration of real-world signals with your mathematical models, whether they were developed in NI LabVIEW or other third party software.

This FREE one-day event delivers technical presentations, in-depth case studies, hands-on training and networking opportunities.


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Welcome Presentation: Accelerating Innovation with Graphical System Design

Academics around the world have adopted LabVIEW and National Instruments hardware platforms to maximise the productivity of their experimental research.  This opening session showcases how the NI academic program has supported researchers, educators and students in tackling complex engineering challenges.

11:00 Presentation: Research Platforms for Embedded Control and Design

Hear about cutting-edge control, robotics and mechatronics research applications from all over the world. The applications are diverse, but they have something in common - they are all designing, prototyping and implementing their algorithms/models using the same development environment; LabVIEW. You too can benefit from this unified system design approach.




Hands on: Control System Design with LabVIEW and Compact RIO

Gain real, hands-on experience with graphical system design to develop, simulate and deploy a PID position controller. Exercises will lead you through developing a control model in LabVIEW, as well as integrating existing .m script models. Once developed, these models will be deployed to an embedded target for real time simulation, before integrating real world signals to verify system responses. You will then experiment with closed-loop control algorithms to solve the classic inverted pendulum control problem.


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Controlling a dual-robot system to provide upper limb therapeutic exercise to stroke patients


Find out how Leeds University developed a safe and reliable robotic rehabilitation system using NI LabVIEW.

The system included two custom robots, that supported therapeutic arm exercises, to help people with arm impairments, after suffering a stroke. The robots provided asistance to coordinate and guide the arm.

"The modular nature of the LabVIEW environment has been ideal for prototyping and developing our system." Andrew Jackson, University of Leeds.

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