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Seminar: Research Platforms for RF and Communications


Want to gain experience with the latest technologies accelerating RF and Wireless Communications research?

Join us to learn how a Graphical System Design approach to RF and Communications research provides a unified platform
that empowers you to integrate real-world signals with mathematical models and algorithms - making cutting edge RF and
Communications research more affordable and accessible than ever before.

This FREE one-day event delivers technical presentations, in-depth case studies, hands-on training and networking opportunities. 

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Welcome Presentation: Accelerating Innovation with Graphical System Design

Academics around the world have adopted LabVIEW and National Instruments hardware platforms to maximise the productivity of their experimental research.  This opening session showcases how the NI academic program has enabled researchers, educators and students to tackle complex engineering challenges.

11:00 Presentation: Research Platforms for RF and Communications

Ground-breaking research into RF, wireless communication systems and software-defined radio requires a flexible platform for software design, hardware prototyping and implementation. This sessions details how National Instruments delivers an accessible, highly-modular approach that is benefitting RF & communications researchers all over the world.




Hands on: Introduction to Software Defined Radio with NI USRP

Discover how you can use LabVIEW system design software to easily design, prototype and deploy a wireless communications system  with the NI USRP software defined radio (SDR) platform. Build a simple spectrum analyzer, demodulate over-the-air broadcast FM radio and prototype a wireless digital communications system using this flexible SDR platform that scales from education to research applications. You will experience developing demodulation software directly in LabVIEW as well as integrating existing .m file scripts.


 Wrap-Up and Prize Draw


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Direction Finding and Beamforming Using NI LabVIEW and the NI USRP Platform


Find out how Imperial College London used the real-time rapid prototyping capabilities of NI LabVIEW system design software and the flexibility of the NI USRP software defined radio platform to design a fully synchronized array.  They used many single-element transceivers that can be calibrated against gain, phase and location uncertainties at run time to evaluate and optimize the performance of advance-array-signal-processing algorithms.

"LabVIEW and the NI USRP platform have significantly accelerated our research by enabling us to rapidly prototype multiple array processing techniques such as the MUSIC algorithm for wireless localization."

Marc Willerton, Imperial College London, Communications and Signal Processing Group

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