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LabVIEW Developer Days 2015

dev days


What is LabVIEW Developer Days?

LabVIEW Developer Days offer a variety of professional development sessions designed to help you improve your skills, knowledge, and productivity. At this complimentary, full-day event, enhance your LabVIEW programming skills through in-depth presentations and by networking with community.


Who Should Attend?

Engineers, scientists, and programmers currently using LabVIEW who are interested in further developing their programming skills.


 Check out the agenda for Newbury, Cambridge and Birmingham

 Check out the agenda for Edinburgh, Belfast and Dublin


Become a Certified Developer at the LabVIEW Developer Days

The Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer (CLAD) is the first step in the three-part NI LabVIEW certification process. It indicates a broad working knowledge of the LabVIEW environment, a basic understanding of coding and documentation best practices, and the ability to read and interpret existing code.

During the LabVIEW Developer Days you can take your CLAD exam for FREE. Take advantage of this opportunity.

If you already have a certification you will earn 10 points for Recertification by Points Program by attending this event.


At the end of the day we also provide a Certified LabVIEW Developer preparation session.

This presentation covers the process and some basic concepts to prepare for the Certifed LabVIEW Developer exam.
How can you better prepare to take the Certified LabVIEW Developer Exam? What techniques can you employ to help you obtain the certification, and be a more effective LabVIEW developer overall?


Receive a Course Discount

To further increase your productivity with NI products, LabVIEW Developer Days attendees will receive a voucher for 50% off a course of your preference.


Enter Two Prize Draws

All seminar attendees are eligible to enter a prize draw on the day to win a free virtual training course of your choice. 


Grand Prize Draw

At the end of the seminar tour, all attendees are entered into a prize draw to win a LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3, powered by LabVIEW.


Agenda and registration information





CLAD exam**

14 April 2015 Newbury View the agenda Register now  Register here
16 April 2015 Cambridge View the agenda Register now Register here
28 April 2015 Edinburgh View the agenda Register now Register here
30 April 2015 Birmingham View the agenda Register now Register here
12 May 2015 Belfast View the agenda Register now Register here
14 May 2015 Dublin View the agenda Register now Register here

* We provide different agendas for different locations. 

* * Additional registration is required to attend the CLAD exam.