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NIDays Keynote

NIDays keynote presentations give attendees a first look at the latest, cutting-edge innovations for engineers and scientists using NI tools and technologies to accelerate productivity and drive rapid innovation across a wide variety of industries.

Morning Keynote: Impacting Today's Business


Presenter: To Be Announced.

The Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Analog Data are no longer just trends, but are fast becoming a reality. We will present some of these new applications and technologies, and also show how these key themes are already influencing our businesses and economies today. We will take a look at how this gives rise to new trends like the convergence of technology, which allows innovative companies – like Tesla and Google in the automotive domain – to enter established markets with revolutionary technology. This keynote will highlight how you can ride the wave of this new reality for test, measurement and control.


Afternoon Keynote: A Glimpse into the Future

Richard Roberts, Academic Marketing Engineer & Joel Gibbard, CEO and Co-founder of Open Bionics.

We are living through unprecedented times. The Internet of Things is profoundly impacting product design, manufacturing, education and infrastructure. However, contemporary technology must evolve to realise the true potential of the IoT. In this forward-looking keynote, we will be previewing future trends, demonstrating upcoming platforms, and celebrating tomorrow’s engineers.





Also, meet Open Bionics founder, TEDx speaker, and James Dyson Award and BEEA winner Joel Gibbard. Learn how his company uses the latest advances in technology, and a little bit of creativity and playfulness to change people’s lives for the better. By using 3D printing to make open source, custom fitted bionic hands, they are creating prosthetic arms that are not only cheaper and faster to produce, but remove the stigma associated with prosthetics by turning them into a positive talking point, for example the Iron Man, Frozen and Star Wars inspired prosthetics for children that they developed in cooperation with Disney.


Academic Keynote: Engineering Education and the Path of Discovery

Dave Wilson, Vice President of software & Academia.

Today’s students will graduate needing to be prepared for so much more than previous generations of students. They will need to design complex systems, work effectively across multiple domains, and integrate new technologies the world has never seen. Join us to learn how the engineering laboratory continues to change and how NI is enabling the path of discovery for students to learn what they never knew, and researchers to discover what has never been known. Also, Dr Tim Drysdal, Senior Lecturer, Open University, will present a new approach to engineering education, exploring specific examples of how students can achieve engaging, hands-on learning at a distance.