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NI in the Press 2012

Date Magazine Title
4th January dpa Automating dynamometer testing – a winning solution
6th January Irish Manufacturing Software successfully cuts testing times
12th January Aerospace Manufacturing Technology Forecast - The Year Ahead
13th January Irish Manufacturing Data acquisition helps tap wave energy
17th January Eureka Cloud computing offers new possibilities to design engineers
24th January Instrumentation Automated control program speeds up drive system development
27th January IMV Europe Smart glasses assist the visually impaired
31st January Control Engineering PXI-based test platform cuts costs
Date Magazine Title
14th February Electronics Weekly Met Office uses GPS for lightning fast synchronisation
21st February E&T Innovation culture helps NI achieve record revenue
Date Magazine Title
6th March Read-Out Excitement in Engineering
13th March Electronic Product Design Five trends in Embedded System Design
13th March New Electronics Would you be better off using a modular oscilloscope? Some companies think so.
13th March Read-out Dublin gets technical with graphical system design
Date Magazine Title
6th June Connecting Industry The robotic touch
12th June New Electronics Taking the long view: Interview with Alex Davern, COO of National Instruments
15th June Connecting Industry Letter to the editor: Inspiring the next generation of engineers
21st June Radio-Electronics NI Highlights Trends in Test
21st June Electronics Weekly Trust FPGAs to make testing simple
28th June Radio-Electronics Automated Test - Five Trends Shaping its Future
Date Magazine Title
Date Magazine Title
4th September Professional Engineering A Great Place to Work
4th September Professional Engineering Smart help for hearts
12th September Microwave Engineering Europe Bringing Moore’s law to test and measurement
Date Magazine Title
20th November E&T James Truchard opens NIDays
20th November Oxford University Aids Cancer Treatment
20th November NIDays at QE2 Centre London
21st November E & T Gangway for boat crews wins NI's design award
21st November Electronic Product Design NI, Raspberry Pi and the next generation of engineers
21st November Design, Products & Applications Through a glass brightly
23rd November IMV Europe Airports to employ new explosives screening system
26th November Electronics Weekly Industry must attract more graduates, says NI's CEO
26th November Read-Out No boxes with magic pixies at Westminster!
26th November Read-Out #NIdays Who is Dr James Truchard?
27th November The Engineer National Instruments CEO Dr James Truchard
28th November Electronic Product Design Reconfigurable testing helps engineering productivity