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National Instruments Small Enterprise Start-Up Programme

The NI Small Enterprise Start-Up Programme is designed to provide assistance for small companies and start-ups who are interested in using NI hardware as a component of their project.

Most innovative break-throughs in science and technology have been developed by small, entrepreneurial technology companies.
To foster their efforts, NI UK & Ireland have introduced this programme to provide significant sponsorship for companies planning
to use NI graphical system design technology to develop their complex industrial or scientific systems.

If you would like more information please send your request to


“The NI Small Enterprise Start-up Programme gave OMEY Labs the step-up we needed to incorporate real-time industrial computing into our products. Without NI's assistance and focused training, we would not have been able to bring a full-featured product to market...”

Harvey Appelbe, Omey Labs Ltd


Details and Benefits of the Start-up Programme

The following benefits apply to successful applications of the Small Enterprise Start-Up Programme. The typical value of such a package is around £25K/25 Euros:

  • Development software
  • Training courses (
  • Professional Systems Engineering and Premium Support
  • Access to the worldwide NI partner and customer network
  • Members will have the opportunity to be included in press releases as well as having their solution featured on the NI website

 Download Start-Up Programme PDF

    Who is Eligible for the Programme?

    The programme is ideally suited to small enterprises or innovative start-up companies who are new to the market. Typically these would be defined as an enterprise which employs fewer than 50 persons and whose annual turnover and/or annual balance sheet total does not exceed EUR 10 million.  

    What hardware purchases make me eligible for the grant?

    In order to be eligible, you must be evaluating one of the NI hardware platforms. These include, but are not limited to NI CompactRIO, NI PXI, NI R-Series, NI Data Acquisition, NI Modular Instruments, NI GPIB or NI Touch Panels.

    Benefits of using NI Tools and Graphical System Design

    The NI graphical system design approach is offering many benefits and provides a smooth transition path from the early design and prototyping phase to high volume production as your business grows:

    • Faster time to market for your product
    • Highly flexible software and hardware product platforms let you implement market feedback quickly
    • Mature, reliable industrial products certified for worldwide use (
    • High performance due to the use of latest PC, embedded and silicon technology
    • Open software and hardware that can be customised easily and leaves room for future requirements
    • Long-term availability of hardware and software
    • Worldwide service and support network

    More than 30,000 companies are successfully using the NI platform for a wide range of applications: »

    NI products are widely used by original equipment manufacturers: »

    Application Process

    Identify a Sponsor

    In order to secure a sponsor for your application, contact your local field engineer or call 01635 523545.

    Application Submission

    Email the completed application to:

    Please include the following information in your application. Any application that does not contain all of the following will be considered incomplete and will not be eligible for a grant.


    Personal Information: Name, Address, Email address Company Information: Company Name, Year founded, Number of employees
    Prior Experience: Do you have prior experience with National Instruments hardware/software? If so, how much experience?
    NI Sponsor: Who is your National Instruments sponsor? This is usually your local field engineer. Please contact your NI sponsor before submitting your application. If you do not know your local engineer, please call 01635 523545.
    Project Information: Please describe your product or technology in detail. How do you plan to use NI hardware and software?

    Programme Recipients

    Who has benefited Small Enterprise Start-Up Programme?


    OMEY Labs

    “As a developer of wave and towing tank products for in-house use by ocean energy device developers, the National Instruments Small Enterprise Start-up Programme gave OMEY Labs the step-up we needed to incorporate real-time industrial computing into our products. Without NI's assistance and focused training, we would not have been able to bring a full-featured product to market – as a start-up we simply didn’t have the resource or breadth of skills to get started.”

    Harvey Appelbe, Omey Labs Ltd

    Nova Innovation

    “As a highly innovative young company, the receipt of a NI Small Enterprise Start-up Programme Grant jump-started our control and monitoring development - saving significant time and scarce internal resource. The hands-on support and training provided by NI has allowed our Engineers to swiftly produce a stand-alone market-ready solution with maximum functional flexibility tailored to our very specific needs in the nascent tidal energy industry.”

    Gary Connor, Nova Innovation Ltd

    Biosheric Engineering Ltd.

    “Biospheric Engineering Ltd. are a small firm focused on underwater noise measurement. In some instances this requires the detection of marine species and in other cases requires quantitative noise measurement of man-made sources. In all cases a low power, robust and accurate analog to digital and signal analysis system is required. Development costs for a small business can be prohibitive, and an end to end design impossible. National Instruments range of commercial off the shelf hardware and software tools were vital in engineering a cost effective solution for us.”

    Biosheric Engineering Ltd.


    “In particular, the versatility, speed and simplicity of coding in LabVIEW, as well as excellent diagnostic and debugging tools, made it an obvious choice.”

    Eugene Doogan, Wavebob


    “The excellent combination of LabVIEW software and the multichassis PXI system enable us to collect data, monitor and run diagnostics on the various stages of the 1MW prototype generator testing. LabVIEW development system software was critical in diagnostic and prognostic analysis of machine performance.”

    Dr. Ayyapan Kumaraperumal, Thermal Fluid Engineer, NGenTec


    "We chose LabVIEW and CompactRIO to take advantage of the powerful signal processing capabilities, potential for rapid deployment, the easy-to-use LabVIEW development environment and proven performance of the hardware."

    Dr John Coultate, R&D and Consulting Dept. Leader, Romax


    “Our Pseudo Direct Drive product needs sophisticated embedded control. LabVIEW, Veristand and CompactRIO will let us rapidly prototype and deploy the algorithms we need.”

    Jan Rens, Principal Design Engineer, Magnomatics



    Who do I contact with more questions?

    For more information, email: 

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