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Student Design Contest 2014 - Winner & Finalists

Student Design Contest



SquidROV: A Biomimetic ROV Propulsion Prototype

Espen Johan Magnussen, University of Edinburgh

"The goal of the SquidROV project was to develop a biomimetic submarine propulsion system based on an undulating fin system, similar to that of the manta ray, cuttlefish or squid"

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Cyclocopter: The Generation of Lift from a Cycloidal Blade System

Thomas Brown, University of Bath

"In an attempt to make the University of Bath a UK leader in this field, a rotor was to be produced that would set the foundation for further projects into making a full model."

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myRIO Submarin

myRIO powered UAV Submarine

Matthew Trott, Cardiff University

"The Aim of the project was to create a self contained submarine, that could be controlled via a wired tether, with a view to convert the submarine to an autonomous vehicle in future iterations."

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