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Student Design Contest 2015 - Finalists

Student Design Contest





MedSIM - A Haptic Simulator for Medical Training
University of Leeds

The project involved the creation of a fully functional haptic mechanism, accompanied by an anthropomorphic casing as well as a full teaching interface. The project opens avenues for much more accessible and higher quality training for prospective doctors, thereby increasing patient satisfaction and safety.

LabAtar - Humanoid Robot Teleoperation System     
University of Leeds

LabAtar is a fully immersive teleoperation robotics project. This unique robotic control application enables the operator to be present from the robot's point-of-view (i.e. the user remotely perceives what robot cameras observe and all body movements are directly mapped to the humanoid, all in real-time). Such futuristic proof-of-concept opens up endless possibilities in areas that can benefit from increased human-machine interaction, including controlling search-and-rescue robots and interplanetary exploration.

Design and Manufacture of a Miniature Railway Locomotive

University of Southampton

The purpose of the project is to design, build and test a remotely controlled 10.25” gauge locomotive with an energy recovery system to recover kinetic energy otherwise lost during braking. The locomotive design must adhere to the rules and technical specification of the 2015 IMechE Railway Challenge  which requires complete remote control of the all the locomotive functions. Other factors to be considered include: cost, ergonomics, maintainability, manufacturability and reliability.More information can be found in the attached report.

Designing and Implementing a Chassis Control Module for a Formula Type Vehicle Using myRIO
Lund Formula Student Engineering

Using the myRIO device as the main unit in a rugged and high-performing system that continuously logs data from 27 sensors and performs real-time analysis and control to simplify driver interaction and ultimately improve lap times at competitions.

Human eye inspired system that controls a smart solar reactor from sunrise to sunset
KU Leuven

We have developed a novel solar reactor coupled with an iris mechanism which enables the reactor temperature remain constant from sunrise to sunset by mimicking human eye reaction to light. A closed loop control system using NI hardware and software was designed to calculate and control the required optimum iris opening area from a given incoming solar energy and a desired internal temperature of the reactor.