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Test and Measurement Instruments Fundamentals Webcast Series

Systems are becoming more and more complex today in every industry ranging from Electronics to Aerospace. Devices have more features, more sensors, more sub systems and as a result they are becoming more difficult to test. Traditional instrumentation approach is not scaling at the same pace. Test engineers are moving towards a more flexible and smart approach of test: Modular Instruments.

Modular Instruments provide the flexibility and capability to solve these challenges. They use synchronized and modular set of I/O devices which are software programmable for scalable and powerful test solutions. This webinar series introduces you to Modular Instruments with tutorials and best practices on how to use them.


Understanding Modular Instruments for Developing Flexible, Scalable Test Systems

Modular Instrumentation uses shared components, high-speed buses, and open, user-defined software to meet the needs of automated test equipment (ATE). Modular instruments are defined in software residing on the host PC, which makes it possible for you to define measurements and analysis in real time. You can further extend the flexibility by deploying algorithms to an FPGA for increased performance.


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Fundamentals of using PXI Based High Speed Digital Oscilloscopes

Oscilloscopes/Digitizers, used to observe continuously varying signal voltages over time, are one of the most common instruments in use today. This webinar will introduce you to the fundamental concepts and terminologies associated with Oscilloscopes and digitizers and also introduce you to the best practices associated with performing measurements with oscilloscopes.


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Using Signal Generators for Customized Arbitrary Waveform Generation

Signal generators can generate simple sine and clock signals or complex I/Q modulated communications waveforms. Attend this webinar to understand the basic architecture of Signal generators and some of the advanced features that are present in National Instruments Signal Generators that can improve your prototyping and test systems with the world-class generation performance and higher system throughput.


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Modular Digital Multimeters and Source Measurements Units for Highly Accurate DC Sourcing and Measurements

Digital Multimeters (DMMs) are analog acquisition devices specialized in taking flexible, accurate and precise measurements. Attend this webinar to understand the functioning of a DMM and learn tips and tricks to get the accurate measurement from your device.The webinar will also introduce you to the PXI programmable power supplies and source measure units (SMUs) from National Instruments which feature high-resolution, high-speed, and high-power voltage and current outputs for automated test systems or lab environments.


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High Speed Digital Interfaces for Digital Test Applications Such as Chip Test, Protocol Aware Test etc.

This webinar introduces you to the fundamental concepts and terminology associated with High Speed Digital Input/output instruments and also the best practices that ensure accurate and precise measurements. The session will also help you build flexible, powerful test systems to meet application challenges from custom communication analysis to end-of-line functional testing.


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Vector Signal Generators and Analyzers for RF Instrumentation

With the increase in complexity of wireless devices, it is becoming more challenging for test engineers to build test systems which can scale up to this increase in complexity. Newer wireless technologies require more bandwidth, more processing power, unconventional test cases, tight synchronization among instruments and much more. Modular RF Instruments have evolved to meet these challenges. Join this webinar to learn how PXI based Vector signal generators and analyzers can be used for RF Test.


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Basics of Signal Management Using Modular and Programmable Switches and Relays

Many test and measurement applications involve hundreds of signals that need to be measured and managed. Attend this webinar to learn the basic of signal routing and switching and how you can use the Programmable switches and relays from National Instruments to manage signals and increase the performance and throughput of your system.


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Fundamentals of Test Management and Automation using NI TestStand

TestStand is industry-standard test management software that helps test and validation engineers build and deploy automated test systems faster. TestStand includes a ready-to-run test sequence engine that supports multiple test code languages, flexible result reporting, and parallel/multithreaded test. This webinar will introduce you to this software on which thousands of test managers rely today to build and deploy competitive test systems.


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