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Automated Test Summit 2012 Guest Presenters

Automated Test Summit


Luke Schreier

Luke Schreier, NI Senior Group Manager for Automated Test, National Instruments

Discovering the Latest Trends in Test - Automated Test Outlook 2012

Every year, National Instruments compiles the Automated Test Outlook, a document that outlines the key trends impacting automated testing. This outlook draws upon insight from many leading vendors of PCs, data converters and software components as well as vital contributions from organisations at the forefront of automated testing. In this keynote, the top five trends predicted to impact automated test in the years to come are identified and explained.

Guest Presenter

Harsh Wanigaratne, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, IntraStage Inc

How to Generate Advanced Insights from Your NI TestStand Output

The complexity of the collection and aggregation of Test Data is largely a result of the multitude of different formats that exist within Test teams at organizations. Even in a specific product family there can be multiple generations of test formats and the way to capture the Test Data can radically change. This results in a fractured ecosystem of data formats which make it difficult for Test Engineers and Management to get a global view of what is going on with their product quality. Using NI TestStand IntraStage has worked with a major UK Aerospace Electronics Manufacturer to address these problems


Fernando Solorzano

Fernando Solorzano, Automation Hardware Test Engineer, BSkyB

Testing Set-top Boxes with NI Hardware and Software

Using National Instruments PXI-based modular instruments and open software, such as NI LabVIEW, NI TestStand, NI Audio Master and the NI Video Measurements Suite, Solorzano has dramatically reduced the test time by a factor of three, from days to only a few hours. This also provides the flexibility to concurrently test multiple BSkyB set-top boxes.