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NI Certification Programme



NI LabVIEW Training and Certification Path

Find out more about how training can lead to certification.


Certification for Individuals

For developers and engineers using NI software, certification is a proven way to boost career potential. Certification helps inspire confidence in technical skills, leading to promotions, new opportunitites and higher pay.

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Certification for Organisations

For organisations, certification is a strategic investment that pays off in increased productivity reduced turnover and overall competitive advantage.

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Grow Your Career

Find employment-related resources, global job openings and developer resumes.


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CLD Exam

CLD Exam Prep Webcast

Prepare for the Certification LabVIEW Developer Exam.


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Get Started: Four steps to becoming NI Certified

The four steps to become NI Certified details the process to gain industry-recognised credentials that distinguish expertise in using NI products for developing measurement and automation solutions. Certification differentiates individuals for career advancement and project opportunities. It also provides organisations and hiring managers with credible prerequisitions for hiring, promoting and outsourcing decisions.


NI LabVIEW Training: Choose Your Path

Your LabVIEW learning path starts with LabVIEW Core 1. Where it develops from there, depends on your application area. NI has several learning paths depending on how you are using LabVIEW.


*Online CLD Preparation Class

All customers that purchase and register for the CLD exam are entitled to attend a FREE live Online Certification LabVIEW Developer (CLD) exam preparation class.

  • 3 Hour Online CLD Prep Class
  • Presented live over the web by an NI Instructor
  • Improve your chances of passing the exam by taking this class

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NI Training and Certification Membership Programme

The NI Training and Certification Membership Programme ensures maximum skill development for the best value by providing unlimited access to NI courses and certification for six months, one year or two years. Membership also includes the opportunity to retake any course or exam as well as a money back satisfaction guarantee.


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