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NI Training and Certification Membership Programme

Choose your path to certification

In today’s fast-paced technological environment, product training and expertise are vital to an organisation’s success in the marketplace. With the NI Training and Certification Membership, you and your company can confidently and effectively develop and validate necessary skills to optimise your use of NI products for a single price.


  • Access to All NI Training Courses, starting from the order booking date
  • Reduced Training Costs with One Low Price
  • Personalised Training Programmes
  • The Option to Retake All Courses
  • Skill Validation with Professional Credentials
  • Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee


Six-Month Membership

Attend up to four training courses and two online courses, and take two certification exams in a six-month period.

Part Number: 780154-01
Price: £3,270

1 or 2 Year Training & Certification Membership

 If you have taken any of our scheduled instructor led or online training courses within the last 6 months, we can deduct the cost of up to two training courses (maximum value of £2200.00) from the unlimited 1 or 2 year Training & Certification Membership packages.

1 year; 1 person                                                        

Part Number: 780154-11                                          

Price: £4,900


2 years                                                        

Part Number: 780154-21                                      

Price: £6,530             

Six-Month Renewal/Upgrade

If you purchased the six-month membership and want to upgrade to the benefits of the 12-month programme, or if you wish to extend your 12-month programme for another six months, purchase the six-month Membership Renewal/Upgrade.

Part Number: 780155-01
Price: £2,450