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Training Options


NI training courses are the fastest, most certain route to productivity with NI tools and successful application development.

While most people agree that training is a good idea, it does not come without costs (the cost of the training as well as the cost of time spent away from work). Sometimes those costs can be difficult to justify if the return is not easily quanitfiable. Find out the results from the NI Survey 'Understanding the Value of NI Training'. Overall, approximately 89 percent of resindents categorised the return on investment (RIO) for an NI training courses as average to extremely high, which indicated that NI training is a relatively low-risk investment. In addition, the average NI training customer achieved the following specific benefits:

  • 66 percent faster learning
  • 50 percent faster application development
  • 43 percent less time spent on maintenance

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We provide several training options including:


Here at National Instruments UK we are committed to delivering the appropriate level of service and training to meet the unique needs of your application. Find a date that suits you for your chosen course and register online.



Based on NI's classroom courses, instructor-led online training gives you the opportunity to take high quality training when travel, or time away from work may be an issue.



National Instruments understands that you many not have the time or the resources to participate in an instructor-led training programme. To accommodate your unique needs, NI offers a variety of instructional packages and tools designed to educate you on NI products and technologies at your own pace.



If your organisation has employees with similar training needs, NI can work with you to plan and execute a training course at your facility. Whether you require a single course for a small gorup or extensive training for your entire engineering staff.