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Customer Training Testimonials


LabVIEW Core 1 and 2

David McCormick - Research Engineer - Univsersity of Manchester

"I was hugely impressed with both courses and have come away expecting to use LabVIEW for more than my initial intentions because of its capabilities."


Online LabVIEW Basics 1*

Deryck Brown - Software Engineer - Zi-Lift Limited

"I found the online training course extremely useful. The presentation worked far better than I imagined it would with the instructor proving to be extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of LabVIEW that we covered. I would certainly not hesitate to use NI online training courses in the future and would recommend them to anybody."

*The LabVIEW Basics 1 course is now LabVIEW Core 1



Michael Strathmann - Test Engineer - Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery Ltd.

"Taking time away from the working environment and having the opportunity to use the software in a classroom, lead by a highly professional instructor was excellent. It allowed me to take a step back from programming a specific application and thanks to the very well thought out course material, attain a high level of understanding of TestStand. I would recommend National Instruments Training to anyone using NI software, beginners or experienced developers."

Ian Lloyd - Software Engineer - City Technology Limited

"Having used LabVIEW for several years I took a years training membership with a view to becoming certified. The membership is excellent, I even learned things I didn't know on the Basics 1 course. At the end of the year I achieved my aim of becoming a Certified LabVIEW Architect."