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Discover PXI: The Standard for Automated Test

Discover how the modular PXI platform takes advantage of the latest technology to solve the evolving complexities of automated test systems while providing improved performance and throughput. This 7-part webcast series will cover topics ranging from choosing flexible hardware and software to ensuring long lifecycle for automated systems. Learn how NI provides services, tools, and products to aid engineers in creating flexible, innovative, and reliable automated test systems that maximise productivity.

Keynote: Using PXI to Expand Test Capabilities and Increase Performance of Automated Systems

As test applications evolve, engineers are challenged to find solutions with more flexibility, greater performance and lower cost. PXI is the platform of choice for next-generation automated systems because of its software-defined approach to developing complex systems. Learn how customers such as Analog Devices, BAE systems and ST Ericsson are able to maximise productivity with PXI and graphical  system design to successfully create innovative and reliable automated  test and measurement systems.

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 Choosing the Right Software Framework for Automated Test Systems

An important piece of an automated test system is the software framework, which runs the tests, stores the data and evaluates the results. Learn about a four-layer architecture (instrumentation, drivers, test development software and test management software), discuss the variety of software tools available to test developers, and discover how to choose the best tools for your application.

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 Reducing the Learning Curve to High-Quality Measurements

When determining the optimal setup for your application, you need to understand best practices for  system design to deployment. With the help of system configuration tools, calibration services, and local engineering experts, you can reduce the time to your first measurement and accelerate the development of your complete system.

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 Increasing Test Flexibility Through a Software-Defined, Modular Hardware Architecture

Software-defined measurement systems provide unprecedented flexibility, helping engineers scale their systems as test needs evolve. Learn how PXI systems can be expanded to address future test needs in the context of consumer devices such as smartphones.

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 LabVIEW FPGA for RF and Test Applications

Many RF and test applications require significant processing, which is traditionally accomplished with microprocessors. By adding user-programmable FPGAs into these systems, you can dramatically reduce test times and increase overall measurement performance. Discover the first implementation of software-designed instrumentation, the NI Vector Signal Transceiver, which allows the user to customise the instrument firmware with LabVIEW FPGA.

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 Improve System Throughput and Test Times Using the Latest Technologies and Buses

As the need for more high-performance instrumentation increases, core PXI system products that use the latest technologies and buses become increasingly important. These design features help next-generation test systems take advantage of the modular instruments that push the boundaries of measurement technology. With the most comprehensive PXI platform offering in the industry, NI is committed to providing PXI solutions that optimise test performance.

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 Built to Last: Create Dependable Test Solutions Using the PXI Platform and Expansive Software Options

High-throughput automated test equipment and mission critical measurement systems require the highest level of reliability. Software-defined instrumentation makes it possible to easily calibrate, monitor system health, and upgrade components to improve efficiency or add functionality. The wide array of NI PXI products and the company’s focus on software compatibility helps you use the latest technologies while maintaining compatibility for previous generations.

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