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Measurements and Condition Monitoring in Offshore Applications

Offshore Webcast

Rapid Development with Reconfigurable Off-The-Shelf Platforms

Watch this webcast to learn how reconfigurable off-the-shelf platforms can address two key challenges in offshore applications.

Mixed Signal Measurements – Whether PC-based research and development or rugged embedded devices deployed offshore, learn how to design high-performance customised systems that combine measurements such as vibration, temperature, strain, pressure, flow and load in a single platform.

Condition Monitoring – Rotating machinery requires maintenance to prevent failure. Learn how to develop a bespoke condition monitoring system using off-the-shelf tools, in order to reduce downtime and lower repair costs; while lengthening maintenance cycles and optimising machine performance.

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Find out about the NI Offshore Measurement Summit: 1st July, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen



Tristan Jones

Tristan Jones, Product Manager - Embedded & Industrial Systems at National Instruments UK & Ireland

Tristan has worked in the measurement and automation industry for 10 years. He works with engineers and scientists to address the challenges of building and implementing control and monitoring systems, with the use of the NI CompactRIO platform. He focuses on offshore, oil & gas, energy, and condition monitoring applications.

Pål Jacob Nessjøen

Pål Jacob Nessjøen, Senior Development Advisor at National Oilwell Varco

Valve Leakage Detection in Mud Pumps: Pål will discuss how human exposure to hazardous environments was reduced, by deploying an embedded system to be retrofitted onto existing mud pumps, in order to analyse vibrations and perform maintenance inspections.


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